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1. How do I know you are not scammers?

We are an official supplier of Vermodje Labs, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Leon Labs, Alpha Pharma and many different types of pharmacy grade products. We have a 7 year experience in this business and got plenty of references which you may ask from us. Most photos on web site are taken by us with web site logo on background


2. How to place an order?

First of all you have to sign up, after that will be created your account and in our database we'll be able to check your orders and payments.

After your account is created you'll have to log in, from this moment you are able to buy any products you see on the site.

All products are categorized, you can see these categories on the left side of the website. You can explore these categories and when you seethe product that you need you have to enter the required amount in the field near and to click on "Buy Now" button.

After that you will be redirected to the "Shopping Cart Manager", if you want to add more products in your Shopping Cart you have to click"Continue Shopping", if you have added all the products needed in your Shopping Cart you have to click on "Update Shopping Cart" button and than on "Check Out" button.

On the next step to you will be displayed the Terms and Condition of the site, you have to read and accept all terms if you want to purchase. After you have accepted all the terms you have to click on"Continue" button.

On the next step to you will displayed a New Submission Form. In this form you have to enter the information related to your address. Please fill correctly all the information, because it is very important. We won't reship the package if you have filled a wrong address. After you have filled in the address click "Continue", check again if the address is correctly spelled and than continue. After all that you'll see the status of your order - it will be


3. How and where do you ship your products?

We can ship anywhere in the World. You will receive your products in a plain, simple and discreet package.


4. Is there a minimum order amount limit?

As we have an amount of maximum number of shippings we can send each week, we have a 50€ minimum order limit for Bitcoin payments. Bank transfer, Western Union and Moneygram are available for orders 100€/$ + orders.

We always recommend clients to use BITCOIN as it has %10 discount and shippings are prepared faster as we dont lose time by going to WU or MG office for withdrawals. 


5. Can I pay for my order by Credit Card?

Unfortunately we can not accept credit card payments. We use Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Western Union and Moneygram.


6. Once my cycle is over, do I need to do anything else to come off the steroids?

You need to make adjustments when coming off your cycle. This includes reducing your caloric intake and reducing your workout schedule. You may also need to use anti-estrogens after certain and post cycle products to avoid side-effects.


7. Are there side-effects of steroids?

There are short and long-term side-effects of steroids. We strongly advise you to become knowledgeable on and aware of all steroid side-effects before starting to use steroids. When used smartly, many side-effects can be avoided.


8. Do you guarantee delivery?

Of course we do, we are responsible for each order ever placed. We guarantee the fact of your possession of the ordered product. So if it is among delivery guaranteed countries we will reship the same package for free. http://turkishpharmacysteroids.net/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=6


9. Is your packing discreet, what about customs, what if the package is seized?
We take care a lot of our security system and the packing of the products is as discreet as possible, that’s why the success rate of arrival and customs trespassing is great.

In the case a package is seized we guarantee(for most countries except those listed on "Shipping Info" section of the web site) that we’ll reship it for free after we receive a photo of the seizure letter from customs. 


10. Do you offer domestic shipping?

We offer domestic shipping for USA clients with our label: TP Domestic Line: https://www.turkishpharmacysteroids.net/tp-usa-domestic

Other than that, we do not offer domestic shipping for any country for now. 


11. When can I see the expected arrival date of my package?

Arrival dates change from country to country so you can check out shipping information page: http://turkishpharmacysteroids.net/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=6


12. Is a signature required on arrival?

Yes, sometimes the signature is required, because we are shipping via registered mail. But you don't need to worry on this point, when you are signing for a package this means that it passed the customs. We are more than 5 years on the market and none of our customers haven't had any problems on this point, so we assure you, it is safe.


13. Do you provide tracking numbers?

We are using different mail services, all of the packages are traceable and you will be given tracking code on request. 


14. My package is late / How much I have to wait ?

It is normal that mail delays occur from time to time as the mail service is not stable.

The delays are usually not big but in the case a big delay occurred, we’ll have to ask you to wait up to 30 days after the expected date and let us know at the end of this time frame if the package hasn’t arrived.

After that you’ll get further instructed.


15. How do I verify products?



16. I have not received my package as: I was not at home when postal service came/ I gave inadequate adress/My adress changed/I forgot that I made an order etc.. What should I do? (PS: please keep in mind that we have one reship guarantee for just customs seizures for ALL countries (except Australia), so this question applies to "client's faults" only)

As when we ship and shippings are returned for some reason, there is ALWAYS a customs check for returning packages(they try to find out why it was returned even if the shipping is not opened by receiver country's customs). So for discretion reasons we do NOT send from real adresses or names. 

We use postal service location as sender's adress and dont use real sender names. So when shipping is returned, it will be received by the POST OFFICE (it will be indicated on post tracking as "Delivered to POST OFFICE NAME") not us, and it will wait there to be destroyed as a non claimed shipping after waiting there for a while. (PDM is abbreviation of Postal Distribution Center in Turkish)

For the reasons above, we do NOT have any reship guarantee if the shippings arent received by customer even though postal service came to the adress they gave us to deliver the shipping. For all countries, we have 1 reship guarantee for every shipping we send to receiver (except Australia) for any customs issue they might have. 

Its %100 client's responsibility to track and get the shipping.

USA clients can use TP Domestic Line for reship, making a new order: https://www.turkishpharmacysteroids.net/tp-domestic-faq


17. Is there discount code that I can use? 

For countries like Spain, UK, France and Germany, we have discount codes that allow %10 discount as there is little or no customs risk. More info can be found on https://www.turkishpharmacysteroids.net/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=6


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