TP Domestic Reship Option

Turkish Pharmacy Steroids offers domestic reship option for clients in USA. Which means, in case of a customs seizure, if the client has rush to receive products, we offer him/her to make a new order with %90 of the total price that was paid for the order and instead of international reship, the new order is sent domestically. 

The order must be made only from TP Domestic Line category:

Example: You make an international order of 500 usd from our web site. We send it, if it gets seized. You tell us you would like to re-order from domestic section and make a new order up till 450 usd (when the order is completed, it shouldnt exceed 450 usd, shipping price included) and we resend you the new order for free as reship. Also we still have ordinary one free reship guarantee for all orders, client can use either, depending on personal request. 

This is a precaution to help our clients avoid time loss for their orders.


For all questions you can use:

Or Whatsapp message: +1 (830) 308 8318


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